Current Work:

"Torn-to-Pieces" Series in progress

Whereas much of my previous work was derived from personal experiences and informed through my educational foundation of aesthetic choices, my new series, currently in-progress, comes from a darker place - 

Work in Progress


Recent Work

My most recently completed series of work was titled “The Jawless Series”, and was completed prior to my signing on to the Shanghai Disneyland project. Even though I had a full-time job, I was motivated to create this series because I was given an opportunity for a “one-person show” at the Mor York Gallery in Highland Park, CA. Having a definitive date on the calendar for the opening forced me to schedule regular studio time in-and-around my Disney job.


Past Work

Organic Sculpture

In some of my earlier exploration, my inspiration was derived from my background in the sciences, particularly biology, utilizing anatomy, and the aesthetics of organic shapes associated with it, to create my sculpture I loved the cut-away illustrations from anatomy textbooks, where you could get a real sense of the layers of details associated with the human body.