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Selected Work

Working With Glass

Once I decided to explore glass as a material, I had to deal with the limitations of what I could produce in my studio. It also limited my aesthetic options to geometric forms. By producing scale models and then full-size mock-ups (which I disassembled), I was able to deliver templates to a glass company for fabrication, then to my studio for assembly.

Select Commissions

This work represents some of the functional and aesthetic-driven commissions from a variety of different clients / patrons.

Under The Microscope

This series takes its' cue from my early biology studies. Aside from the initial piece, "Enlargement", slides viewed horizontally under a microscope, are displayed vertically with the specimens moving toward the top.

Current Series


Time to have fun - parts of these pieces have been "recycled / re-imagined from elements of earlier work, while all have been mostly created from raw materials already present in my studio.

M.F.A. Thesis:

For my Master's Thesis, I chose to take a page out of my past life as a rock drummer and create a set of sculptural drums - shells fabricated from imbuia, a hardwood from Africa - rims and stands cast in bronze.