Working With Glass

Once I decided to explore glass as a material, I had to deal with the limitations of what I could produce in my studio. It also limited my aesthetic options to geometric forms. By producing scale models and then full-size mock-ups (which I disassembled), I was able to deliver templates to a glass company for fabrication, then to my studio for assembly.

Select Commissions

This work represents some of the functional and aesthetic-driven commissions from a variety of different clients / patrons.

Under The Microscope

This series takes its' queue from my early biology studies. Aside from the initial piece, "Enlargement", slides, viewed horizontally under a microscope, are displayed vertically with the specimens moving toward the top.

M.F.A. Thesis:

For my Master's Thesis, I chose to take a page out of my past life as a rock drummer and create a set of sculptural drums - shells fabricated from imbuia, a hardwood from Brazil - rims and stands cast in bronze.

Table-Top Series

After working for years on relatively large-scale pieces, I decided to scale back the size and create pieces that could fit on a coffee table.

Various Pieces Along The Way

No specific series - just pieces I have created along the way...

The Jawless Series

 “The Jawless Series”  was completed prior to my signing on to the Shanghai Disneyland project. Even though I had a full-time job, I was motivated to create this series because I was given an opportunity for a “one-person show” at the Mor York Gallery in Highland Park, CA. Having a definitive date on the calendar for the opening forced me to schedule regular studio time in-and-around my Disney job.



This Series is a statement about the emotional tole associated with what became the #MeToo movement.


Torn-to-Pieces in Progress

Past Work:

Grad School Days

In some of my earlier exploration, inspiration was derived from my background in the sciences, specifically biology, anatomy, and the aesthetics of the shapes associated with it. These pieces are fabricated utilizing exotic hardwoods, cast bronze and cast resin